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Manufacturing and Engineering Capabilities

Our expertise in sheet metal is founded on the strong engineering and service background of our people, while providing them with first-class equipment that is well maintained. We enjoy a good reputation as a reliable supplier among our customers. We do work for other sheet metal shops as they refer work to us that is too difficult for them or beyond the limits of their equipment. We are a diversified job shop; we work from shim stock thickness to 1/2" plate on our equipment. The materials commonly used are steel, stainless, aluminum, as well as copper and titanium.

The smallest part we have made is a contact out of .010 INVAR. The blank before bending was .174 X .239 with a hem and a 90 degree bend; the tolerance .002 to .004; total quantity 2500 pieces.

The largest was a flume for Kaiser Steel made from structural H-Beam and 1/4" plate. It measured 10' wide 24' long and 6' high and weighed 6000#. Quantity: 1.

Twenty percent of our sales volume is shearing, N.C. or Steel Rule Die Punching, Forming, Hardware Installation and Finishing. Eighty percent is fabrication -- making the parts as above and fabricating more complex assemblies, such as frames, consoles, cabinets, racks, etc.

Our quantities range from prototype development to production runs on scheduled deliveries for annual requirement contracts.

Our core business consists of about 12 companies representing 80% of our volume and we are always striving to add to that core with a quality long- term relationship.

Analysis of our equipment and facility capacity indicate we can easily support $10 million in sales with only minor rearrangement and equipment additions.

Our infra-structure is well positioned for expansion. The shop is controlled and monitored with Dataworks job shop Manufacturing Control System running on an IBM AS-400. We estimate on the system, convert the estimate to a job, generate our planning using the estimate as a guide, shop labor is collected via terminals on the shop floor, vendor and materials are added through the purchasing module and the completed job is costed by the system. The jobs are also scheduled and tracked on the system, immediate job status is available for customer inquiry.

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